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If you are interested in package deals with some savings, please ask Josephine next time you see her.


What is Pre-paid?

Pre-paid is about purchasing a bulk of consults ahead of time and because you are willing to commit to her services; Josephine is willing to reduce the hourly rate reasonable. If you  intend on having regular treatments anyway, you may see this as an investment option for your health. Concord Body Care likes to reward loyal clients.

Benefits of Prepaid

  • You will get a reduction in the hourly rate
  • If you have a Private health fund, you will still get your rebate each time you come.
  • It will reinforce you to keep your appointments and keep up with looking after your health by re-booking.
  • It’s valid for the mediate family in the same household, to use and book in.
  • You may use them as Gifts for other people, with a gift voucher for an occasion – i.e. Christmas and birthdays.
  • If you would like more information and have questions, please ask Josephine next time you see her.
  • Minimum of 10 consults




What are corporate packages?

If you are a director of a company, or own a business or in Human Resources, then Corporate packages could be a great way to give your staff, clients and colleagues a reward or a gift for special occasions and Christmas.

Purchase a bulk of consultations, due to you willing to use my services for your business, I am willing to give a discount which will depend on the amount of consults needing. Consults are given as Gift vouchers and /or regular bookings.

The Benefits

  • Bulk buying – you will save more, the more consults you purchase.
  • Gift vouchers are personalised – with your company logo on it, occasion and a special message.
  • Able to claim this as a business expense
  • It can be used for either Gift vouchers, or regular bookings.


 Hi Josephine,

I just wanted to congratulate you on the wonderful results you have achieved for my company through offering us a special corporate package.

This has proven to be a real morale booster for my staff . Whilst they really appreciate being rewarded for their efforts we are also ensuring a healthier workforce and after all staff are a business’s most valuable asset.

From office staff stuck over a computer all day with a phone to their ear to factory and warehouse employees who work their bodies hard, day in and day out it is always very therapeutic to ease away the strains and tensions with a well deserved massage. What better way to thank good customers for their support throughout the year and I can assure you that all gift vouchers were very much appreciated far more than the traditional bottle of scotch or Xmas Hamper. This sets us apart from the others and we are ensured long standing loyalty from this simple and inexpensive gesture.
Keep up the good work your massages are the best and thank you for your wonderful service.

Greg Malouf, The Art Scene ->

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